An educator's responsibility is to provide students with the tools needed to succeed, both in the classroom and in life. Every class includes a variety of learner types. Early assessment of students enables the educator to differentiate instruction and implement equity-minded strategies. Ongoing assessment helps the educator identify at-risk students in order to provide additional instruction or supplementary resources. It is important that the educator be flexible enough to accommodate those students who need further support or alternative means of representation, expression, or engagement.

A history course equips students to think critically. Two critical thinking tools that are increasingly important in the Information Age are analyzing data and vetting sources. A history course also offers the unique opportunity to develop interconnectedness by allowing students to view history through a variety of perspectives, leading to a greater appreciation for diversity. These outcomes are attainable by all students when the educator delivers an equitable learning experience. 

An awareness of a student's cultural background and personal interests provides the educator with valuable information that can be used to build connections between course content and a student's prior knowledge or style of learning. Using diverse texts and voices from the past fosters the development of cultural and cross-cultural connections and encourages students to engage with the content and each other in a meaningful way.

An educator creates a community that encourages collaboration, allows students to draw upon their cultural and linguistic backgrounds, and embraces inclusivity for students with varying abilities. Students achieve deeper learning when collaboration and inductive strategies are implemented into the course design.

Finally, the educator is a learner and must therefore be a reflective practitioner who continues to improve his or her knowledge and skills through ongoing professional development with the goal of delivering the highest quality pedagogy.

Philosophy of Teaching